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We pride our focus on people, over results, traction and KPIs.

We invest in founders we appreciate, with investors we trust

We build relationships for the long run. 

It does not matter if you are in Seed, A, B, Note, SAFE, CLA or any other letter in the alphabet. We will listen, provide honest feedback, advise, assist with networking and invest if the opportunity is right. 

With our fresh 2021 closing, we are open for investments. 

Welcome founders.

Our Mission

Open Ventures

Intuition Fund is introducing a new and unique community based model.

We are teaming up with industry members to direct and influence our investments by scouting, vetting, networking and supporting the next generation of successful startups. 

Our community is made of entrepreneurs, techies, product managers, business leaders and other investors located in Tel Aviv, London, Singapore, New York Boston and the Silicon Valley. 

We are allocating substantial part of the fund Carry to this community applying a unique value based formula. 


Join us to influence the future.

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Open VC




Motti has over 20 years of startups investments. First as founder and CEO of multiple startups in enterprise software and internet consumer cloud services. Later as a general partner with Cedar Fund, where he led investments in seed and pre-seed startups in big data, data analytics, AI, Storage, Consumer Internet, Online Retail, Security, Mobile Applications and more.  

At Cedar Fund, Motti created substantial value to the fund investors. Most notably Motti led the seed investment in Datorama, investing in a team prior to product or revenue, which later was acquired by Salesforce. Motti was also co-led the investments in CloudLock which was acquired by Cisco, and in Jsonar acquired by Imperva (Toma Bravo). 

In his spare time, he is an avid beach volleyball amateur player enjoying the amazing beaches of Tel-Aviv and the competitive and partnership aspects of this sport. 

motti vaknin

  • Motti Vaknin Profile

yuval ron


Yuval is a highly experienced venture capital Chief Financial and Legal Officer. He is responsible for executing dozens of investments transactions of any forms and stage - seed, A, B, Growth, secondaries, SAFEs and other financial vehicles.


Yuval oversaw financial and legal matters in every transaction executed by Cedar Funds, including negotiations, tax matters, reporting to tier one global limited partners and more. 

Prior to joining the venture capital world, as partner and CFO of Cedar Funds, Yuval was the CFO of a NASDAQ-listed technology company. 

Holding LL.B., CPA and MBA, Yuval is an  attorney and CPA.

Yuval enjoys getting to know the business beyond just the numbers. He works closely with startup CEOs and CFOs on planning and managing their financials. 

  • Yuval Ron Profile


Yossi Sela - Advisor at Intuition Fund

Yossi Sela

  • Yossi Sela Profile

Co-founder of Gemini Israel Ventures, a prominent and successful Israeli early stage fund, and chairman of Bridges Israel, an impact fund.

Yossi sits on the boards of Gemini portfolio companies JFrog, Minute Media, Outbrain, and has played a pivotal role in the investment lifecycles of Allot Communications (NASDAQ: ALLT), Saifun Semiconductors (NASDAQ SFUN), Commtouch (NASDAQ: CTCH), Precise (NASDAQ PRSE), Ornet Data Communication Technologies, the sale of (sold to AOL, NYSE: AOL), PrimeSense (sold to Apple, NASDAQ:AAPL) and SAmanage (sold to Solarwinds, NASDAQ:SWI)

Kobi Rozengarten - Advisor at Intuiton Fund

Kobi Rozengarten

  • Kobi Rozengarten Profile

A highly experienced investor with proven global operational track record.

Until 2018 Kobi served as a Managing Partner in JVP, where he had led or co-led more than 25 deals and was instrumental in leading several of JVP’s exits including the sale of Altair Semi. to Sony, CyOptics to Avago, XtremIO to EMC and Dune Network to Broadcom.

Prior to JVP, Kobi was President of Saifun Semiconductors, a leading provider in the non-volatile memory market. In this capacity, Kobi was responsible for formulating and executing the company’s business strategy and co-leading its IPO on the NASDAQ.

Gal Israely - Advisor at Intuiton Fund

Gal Israely

  • Gal Israely Profile

A co-founder of Cedar Fund managing over $300M in three funds investing in pre-seed, seed and early stage startups.

Gal holds active board member of several of the fund’s companies including StartApp and Wochit. At Cedar Fund, Gal deployed his broad and global experience, connections and unique point of view of business and financing.  

Gal led several preseed investments, including that of BigBand Networks. He worked closely with the founders from inception through its growth to a global leader in the Video Networking space and a NASDAQ IPO.  



Notable Investments


Data Integration & Analytics


Acquired by SalesForce

 We met with Ran Sarig , Efi Cohen and Katrin Ribant back in 2012 when they were at the very begining of their venture. We got excited by the team, their expertise, vision and professional product execution.

We moved swiftly and led the seed round. 

Fast forward five and half years later, Datorama was post a C round, with offices all over the world - great growth in all business parameters. Great Company with great people. 

This could not go unnoticed, in 2018 the founders with the support of the board and investors agreed to accept an acquisition offer by Salesforce, for reported $800M making it the largest enterprise SaaS exit out of Israel at the time.


Cloud Access Security Brokers


Acquired by Cisco

CloudLock started as a pre-seed investment of Cedar Fund II. The founders Gil Zimmerman, Tsahy Shapsa and Ron Zalkind, were searching for an idea with the funding and support of the Cedar Fund team. 

The initial idea was good, but was too early to a market. Sales were challenging, and company was not able to secure follow-on funding.

Company needed a pivot. At that point, Cedar Fund decided to double up on a superb team that was agile and responsive to the market. 

CloudLock pivoted to a data cloud security platform, leading the way in the CASB (Cloud Access Security Brokers) market. Sales started ramping up quickly and the company got acquired by Cisco for reportedly over $325M. 


Ron Ben Natan was well known to the fund. He was the co-founder and CTO of Guardium, a Cedar Fund II portfolio company which was acquired by IBM for over $200M. 

At IBM Ron managed the Guardium line of business leading it from a startup to a global scale leader. 


So we were excited to meet Ron again for his next venture, which he outlined for the partnership on a whiteboard (no presentation). ​


The vision was about creating a new type of technology for highly scalable and flexible data lakes (cloud and on premise), with extended data integration, unification and analytics for security application. 

The company is performing extremely well on business and product and with the largest Fortune 100 companies as customers.

Modern Database Security Platform


Acquired by Imperva


Dror Katsav and Barak Berkovitch (Berko) were fresh out of the IDF elite intelligence units deciding to apply their expertise in big data, AI and advanced algorithms to the century old business of insurance. 

We met them when they were still at an incubator stage, prior to product or customers. Their youth was in strong contrast to their smarts in business and technology. 

We engaged immediately and provided the funding to close their pre-seed round. 

Since then they raised an A-round, the team grew, customers are onboarding globally and Atidot is being recognized as a leader in the space of AI for Life Insurance.

Artificial Intelligence in Insurance


Stock Exchange


Fully Regulated Trading Platform for Digital Assets

Digitization of securities, currencies, derivatives is the future. In the coming years, more and more assets will move to the blockchain and digital transactions will prevail. Trust and transparency are currently a major roadblock to mass adoption. 

INX is led by an experienced and dedicated team of business, finance and technology veterans with a shared vision of redefining the world of finance and crypto trading. INX creates the first fully regulated, transparent, and trusted crypto trading platform. 



Dialysis Device & Cloud System


Hezkiah Tsoory, founder and CEO and the company chairman Shai Scharf, are building a unique company. 

The company developed IDA - an Intelligent Dialysis Assistant, a new lightweight, portable, simple and safe to operate dialysis device, coupled with a personal digital assistant, and cloud based management software for care providers. 

IDA is introducing a new modality aiming at improving the quality of life of dialysis patients worldwide. 

liberDi has completed first in human in Israel and now is preparing for the FDA processes in the USA and field trials in Europe as well. 


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